RSSfetch is a python script for displaying the headlines from your favorite RSSfeeds on a website.

RSSfetch powered my Blogroll, before i discovered the RSS Reader "newsbeuter".

It was written for personal use, so don't expect documentation :-).


2006/03/08: py-rssfetch-0.3
	* Rewrite HTML encoding
	* Improve title customization
2005/04/09: py-rssfetch-0.2.1
	* Fix two crashes
2005/01/30: py-rssfetch-0.2
	* Don't encode antville feeds
	* Use classes
2004/12/06: py-rssfetch-0.1
	* Rewrite in Python using Mark Pilgrim's feedparser
2004/06/22: rssfetch-0.5.1


TODO - Allow Customization of HTML Code - Allow Customization of Title tags via config file

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