I have been visiting Salzburg on Eastersunday. I have been to the new Museum der Moderne on the M�nchsberg. The photo was shot from the terrace of the museum’s caf�.


The building is quite nice, but the illumination sucks, there are very bright neon lamps at the ceiling, that produce a lot of reflections on the Paintings.
The George Condo exhibition was quite interesting, the other one were very small.

KDE 3.4.0

I finally updated my Desktop to KDE 3.4.0. After an update I always try to reproduce the bugs, I reported. Please vote for my bugs, so that they get fixed soon :-).
I like the integration of akregator, until now it looks like Kmail catched up with Evolution and Konqueror is finally able to display http://www.derstandard.at/ like Firefox

Apple USB Extension cables & iBook RAM upgrade

The Apple USB Extension cable that came with my Apple USB keyboard uses a slightly different plug, so I can’t use it with my Logitech USB Mouse 🙁
And I finally upgraded the RAM on my iBook, it has now 640MB RAM. If anybody needs Samsung 128MB RAM PC2100S CL2.5, please write me an email.

Busy & Easter upcoming

There have been only three Entries in this blog in March. I have been busy working at $JOB1 and $JOB2 and not so busy at university.
At university i am currently struggling with alpha Assembler *uerks*. At $JOB1 i configured radius-bases Mac-Address Authentication on Cisco IOS Acccesspoints for the first time and at $JOB2 i am working on polishing our $SOFTWARE for the upcoming OpenSource-Release, which is scheduled for April (stay tuned).
Unfortunately last week the spring started in Vienna (on Thursday 20�C) which does not increase productivity in front of the Computer screen.
My girlfriend decided that I will spend Easter at her family’s like last year instead of fighting with Prolog.


16:24 <@lesi> krion: extract xterm source and grep for dragons ;)

This is frightening. From main.c:

*                               W A R N I N G
* If you think you know what all of this code is doing, you are
* probably very mistaken.  There be serious and nasty dragons here.

New Term

The new Term at University started last week. Because I am working fulltime again, I have only joined two courses, Compiler Construction and Prolog Programming. The first Assignment in the Compiler Construction course is programming Assembler on the Alpha.
This is a good reason to boot my two alpha systems again. I am trying to install the Compag C Compiler, but this is no simple task, because it requires the Linuxulator. Unfortunately the default linux_base ports for i386 linux_base-7 and linux_base-8 are both not available for alpha, because RedHat stopped distributing binaries for the alpha platform several years ago. linux_base-6 is available for alpha, but is a) marked FORBIDDEN because of several unpatched security vulnerabilities and b) was accidently broken several months ago. Obviously nobody is using the linuxulator on alpha anymore, because nobody complained.
The other alternative linux_base port available is linux_base-debian, but i think this one is still experimental.
If I succeed installing a linux_base I will have to fix bsd.port.mk to change the default for the alpha architecture.