Too many CDs

I have too many CDs. I am looking for a track i knew i have on CD. It is a remix of Carl Craigs Mind of a Machine where the remixer has a lot of fun with the pitch control, but i can’t remember by whom nor on which Compilation CD it should be.
Unfortunately most of my Compilations aren’t on my hard disk, because i never figured out how to use abcde with multi-artist CDs the right way (The output should be all tracks in one folder but tagged right). So locate(1) does not work either….

Harddisk crash

After two years my iBooks Harddisk is currently in the process of dying. Lots of Disk I/O errors.
I am trying to make a backup (which takes ages because of the disk errors), then I will try a reinstall and then i will see how difficult it is to replace the disk.
I am feeling naked without a Laptop….

I want the old Google back

Recently Google started to mix results of under the regular google results.
Hey, if i want to look for images, i can type ggi: instead of gg: But now i need to scroll down the page first, to find what i am looking for. Time to use ya: (for Yahoo!) more often.

New Gadget

Today i reorganized my server room, and decided to move the printer to the kitchen. Unfortunately my local hardware dealer did not have a WLAN-printerserver in stock, so the printer is still in the server room.
But i discovered something else. An AVM FritzFon, a cheap telephone system with VoIP support. I could not resist. Now i have a “hardphone” for my at43 account.
Getting it to work was a bit tricky, but thanks to my SIP god Hendrik it works now.