without a Laptop

My G4 iBook is currently broken. On poweron the fan is running at full speed, and not even the openfirmware sound can be heard.
It looks like a wellknown bug of the logic board, because sometimes i can get it to boot, if i put pressure on the parts left of the touchpad.
Corey Arnold has a detailed description how to “fix” it, but it looks like i have to look at a new model soon :-(.

MT StyleCatcher broken with Konqueror

It has been a while (several version updates) since i have been tinkering with the MT templates, my current stylesheet for this blog still fits well enough.
Today i created a new blog for testing, and noticed that the default stylesheet does not work with Konqueror anymore (It works okay in Safari).
Anyone got an idea why? I currently don’t have the time for stylesheet debugging, so for now i will stick with bloaty Firefox on FreeBSD. Hopefully KDE4 will fix this…

0,00 EUR

I received a letter from my Ex-ISP and wondered what they want from me. It contained an invoice over three nearly empty pages and the total amount of 0,00 EUR.
In the last years i received invoices with a few Eurocents a few times from various Telcos, but this is the alltime lowest. I wonder if they will send me a similar letter every month and i really wonder what will happen on “21. Mrz 2007” (sic!) as the invoice threatens me that they will debit this amount from my bank account.

Citybike distances

Spring has arrived in Vienna and i already used the citybikes several time.
According to the Citybike Website i currently need 14 minutes to get from Alser Strasse to Spittelau (subway U6 needs 6 minutes) and 14.5 minutes to get from Alser Strasse to Museumsplatz (Tram 43 + U2 is not faster than 14 minutes).
Now lets see if i can improve my time in the next weeks.