Calculator programs

For this weeks exercises I needed to compute a lot of binomial coefficients. The “extended” Calculator for Mac OS X has a lot of prestorred Formulas nobody needs, but no key for this terms most needed formula. So I evaluated several Freeware Calculators. I really wonder, why Calculator programmers try to imitate ordinary calculators whith their multiple assignments. The desktop is large enough, why do they add “Shift”, “Inverse” and “Option” Keys to their Calculator programs, when it costs nothing to add another button? If I install a scientific Calculator, I am not afraid of many buttons.

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  1. If you find a program which has got a button labelled “solve partial differential equation -vv”, please tell me.
    if i had three days left to solve my exercises, i’d be lucky – i’m trying for almost a week now and i’ve got just a few hours left.

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