X updates

XFree86 4.4 has been released for a while. Additional there is now the X.org release and the Freedesktop.org Xlibs.
FreeBSD has still XFree86 4.3 in ports, because Eric Anholt is currently in Cuba. If you read my older blog entries, you probably know that I am interested in the new XServer, because i need the via(4) driver for riccardo. Additional there are still issues with the Xlibs on amd64, more shared libraries (libXau and libXRes) are required because of the usual PIC issues.
Dejan Lesjak has now submitted an update of the XFree86 ports, and Jung-uk Kim sent in fixes for amd64. I am trying to test these fixes on all my machines.
On mchammer, everything seems to work, except that I can’t terminate the Xserver with Ctrl+Alt+Backspace anymore. I am planning to test them on riccardo this evening.
I am still looking for someone with an IA64 for testing, as this is the only architecture this has not been tested yet.
The plan could be to get everything ready for the end of next week and to commit it after the portsfreeze ended, but at least we are in a good state when Eric returns from Cuba.
In case you are interested, a tarball of the XFree86 4.4 ports can be found in my stuff directory.
Until the portsfreeze starts, i should fix the shared library issues in 4.3 and I want to commit a few updates to the fd.o ports. done.
Now we just have to find volunteers that make a port out of the X.org release and that help Eric finish porting the fd.o Xserver (kdrive) to FreeBSD.