Nove Hrady continued

Don’t worry, I am still alive, since I finally found something to eat. So I am here to keep you informed about the second day at Nove Hrady. Yesterday, after I found something to eat I kept on hacking in the Hackcenter, which was quite crowded, although the Organisators planned not to open it before Monday.
After a short night Saturday started with a breakfast at the monastery.
Then the conference was officially opened and various talks started. See the Conference program.
After the opening I attended Harald Fernengel talk about KDevelop/Gideon. It was quite impressive, perhaps I should try to compile it from CVS. Although I normally don’t like IDEs.
Later I attended the talks from Marc Mutz about Design Patterns and Gunnar Schmidts talk about KDE and Accessibility.
After the Lunchbreak at the monastery Holger Schroeder demonstrated KDE on Cygwin. The Highlight of the Afternoon was David Faures talk about KTrader.
After the coffeebreak there was a talk about Usability and the last one was Talk about TaskJuggler a project management program from Chris Schlaeger. Although Chris claimed that “every good distribution ships a TaskJuggler package” there is no FreeBSD port. I should change that when I am at home again.
I did not attend the overcrowded talk of Havoc Pennigton about and people told me that I did not missed much.
The evening started with a 2 hours talk from Matthias Ettrich about new features in QT4 and ended with the social event, a Barbecue in the garden of the Kastle.
A strange local band played czech Dixieland music but later they luckily switched to Ballads. Everybody had a nice time drinking, eating & socializing.
The local Organizationteam is very hospitable and are very proud that so many international guests are visiting their institute.
Now i finally found the way back to the Hackcenter getting my Weblog up2date 🙂