New world order

Since I have some time this week (no math this week, because Thursday is a public holiday), I catched up upgrading my FreeBSD boxes. tl, my machine at work, now runs 4.10-PRERELEASE and after beeble told me about mgadrm i now have dri/drm working. Riccardo, the Laptop, was upgraded to a recent CURRENT which improved ACPI a lot. The battery now finally seems to initialise correctly, and if i switch between battery and AC line, events get printed on the Console. I haven’t yet tested if cpu throtteling works. acpi_video also seems to work now.
I will probably not upgrade huckfinn, my Web/Mail/News/Backup-gatewayserver, because it is now has 97 days uptime, which does not happen often, because I usually update it once a month, or at least with every new 4.x release.
The biggest improvements have probably been made on amd64. According to the Mailinglist, Kernel modules now should work. But I was afraid to upgrade my main machine yet, since this probably will uncover new bugs. There haven’t been any reports neither positive nor negative from users yet.