Booting my blue fridge

Today I booted my sparc64 for the first time. The preinstalled Solaris 2.6 reminded me why i hate Solaris e.g. vipw is an X11 program which does not open a vi as the name suggests, but a notepad-like Texteditor, the default browser was the HotJava Browser I have not seen for several years, shutdown now does not shutdown the machine immediately but waits another minute. And of course a lot of programs are missing. For a moment i thought about installing pkgsrc on it, but decided to try a FreeBSD installation first. Booting from CD-ROM worked fine, and it looks like all my Hardware was recognized. Unfortunately I need a serial console as sysinstall on the OpenFirmware Console isn’t really usable. Especially the disklabel editor needs cursor keys, and the ones on the Sun Keyboard are not recognized.
So tomorrow i will have to hunt for DB25-Adapters.