How many computers run FreeBSD?

I sometimes wonder, how many computers around me run FreeBSD.
Starting with a small sample: In my house, which is an average viennese house with a mixture of old and young people, there are 17 Computers. Five run Microsoft Operating Systems (I have not converted my neighbors), One Mac, Two NetBSD and the rest runs FreeBSD. Of course I am invalidating the sample :-).
A larger sample is my university. The network contains around 8000 Computers, I guess around half of them run Microsoft Operating Systems and a third runs Linux. As far as I know there are around 10 to 15 machines (less than 0,25%) running FreeBSD (My workstation, my lapotop,, two or three machines at the RISE, two or three at the DBAI, two or three at the IBK and one at the faculty of architecture)
I would really like to know how many machines run FreeBSD in Vienna or Austria. I found only one old survey in the Google Cache.
I started a short list of FreeBSD servers in Austria by googling for “Powered by FreeBSD” but there are probably a lot more out there.