Addicted to cvs

19:28 <@Pav> any news on freeze? when it’s going away?
19:28 < ryam> gettin cold eh?
19:29 <@Pav> no but my fingers are itching to commit 🙂
19:29 <@reffie> haha
19:29 <@reffie> addicted to commits
19:30 <@Pav> i was addicted to gambling but i retrained on cvs
19:31 <@reffie> !
19:31 < ryam> they do have a lot in common.. mind you
19:31 <@Pav> yes you never win
20:04 <@arved> lol
20:05 < ryam> that depends on how many players are in god mode
20:08 <@Pav> having kris around is enough