Talks continued

Later I attended the ALTQ talk by Adrian Penisoara. I persuaded Arjan van Leeuwen to install SubEthaEdit and it seems to work, although there are some limitations to a real revision control software.
Next talk was by dinoex about his work on a lightweighted package cluster and Yannick Cadin about DHCP (spent most of the time reading email so i didn’t get much of the content). The last talk of the day was by Henning Brauer about bgpd. Interesting presentation but typical OpenBSD argumentation.
After that we left for the social event, an exhibition by Luigi Colani with a lot of airplanes and cars. Maybe I will upload some pictures later. Unfortunately the exhibition hall was cold and the band made a lot of Noise while trying to fight the enormous echoing.
We left early and drank a lot of beer at some pub mlaier recommended.
Today I am awake an hour too early because I forgot about Daylight saving time 🙁
In 10 minutes rwatson starts the second day of talks.