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Next to the three large BSDcon in Europe, US and Asia, many countries have local BSD conferences, e.g. Italy, Canada and of course Japan.
On #bsdaustria, Aleksander Fafula just pointed me to MeetBSD, Krak�w on November 27.
Unfortunately I don’t speak polish :-(.
But why is there nothing similar in Austria or even Germany? I know it is a lot of work, so are we just too lazy?
BTW, would you buy an Operating System from these guys?

3 thoughts on “Local BSD conference”

  1. I’d like to see another small BSD conference but I guess nobody would organize one 🙁
    EuroBSDCon was just too expensive for the average student or worker that doesn’t get payed by his employer for attending such a conference.
    Focus should be on networking with people instead of – once again – provide the same talks over and over again. A few talks on BSD-related topics are needed to assure ‘your boss(tm)’ that it’s worth it and there are always good talks that you’ve missed on previous cons.
    The BSDHH Group (Hamburg BSD User Group) is quite nice but although I’m living like 90km away I hardly manage to get there.

  2. Damn i get to krakow two days later, why didn’t you post that earlier. Ad local BSD con: I would gladly participate. The only thing needed is some cheap space, so you can create a low cost event.

  3. Well, A few years ago, BUGAT had an agreement with a local education company to use their nice rooms on weekends. But unfortunately not enough people were interested in giving talks about something.
    At the moment we have to be glad if nobody forgets to organize the meetings :-).
    I have to admit i never had the time to prepare a talk for one of the conferences i attended (Linuxtag, Linuxwochen, EuroBSDCon, 19C3, pkgsrcCon etc.).

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