Buying CDs

I wrote about the closed Virgin Megastore in October. A few weeks later the newspapers informed the world that the austrian branch of the Virgin Megastore has become insolvent.
Since I needed some x-mas presents, today i entered the embassy of the dark side aka as “Geiz ist geil”. The atmosphere is really uncomfortable (especially four days before x-mas it was very crowded), but obviously somebody told them about the Virgins closure, as the Electronic Music departement is now more than three times as large than half a year ago. The classical music departement is still a joke, and someone please tell them the difference between EBM and “Gothic”.
But luckily I found a few CDs that fit into my current mood (in the “World Music” departement, that’s the proof that I am now official old).
Now I just need an Audioscrobbler extension for my CD-Player.