trackback spam

Today I received my first trackback spam, well more than 100 pings from several different IPs. Until today I had not even enabled MT-Blacklist for trackbacks. I had to disable trackbacks, this is depressing 🙁
Unfortunately MT-Blacklist De-Spamming seems to hit a system limit. I could only delete 5 pings at a time. Otherwise the server spits out an Internal Server error. Probably because the execution time gets too long. Maybe I should consider replacing my Webserver Epia with a Minimac (which btw boots FreeBSD) or the 1Ghz Epia.
While I was waiting for the de-spamming to process I updated the weather plugin to 1.1.9. Hopefully this fixes some oddities and does not introduce new bugs, because I don’t want to look at the code. If you want to know a reason why not to use php, look at the code
Last weekend i hacked on the rssfetch code. It is now object-orientated, because I started to write unittests after reading the Unit-testing chapter of “Dive into Python”.