24C3 – Day 1

Day 1 started less chaotic. Even the Network worked until about 20:00. I attended several talks.
After the opening the first one about the german Bundestrojaner (not much news for people following fefes Blog). Second one was about the Abuse Handling of the CCC Tor-exitnode.
In the lunchbreak i strolled through the new Alexa-Shoppingmall on the other side of the street.
After lunch the talk about 10GE Sniffing was too crowded, so i recharged my laptop instead and did some maintainance tasks, like fixing some bugs in the squirrelmail configuration (which i only use when i am on a journey, so i did not notice them before) and reconfigured my SSHD to listen on 443, because the internet access in my hotel room only allows port 80 and 443.
I tried to attend the “What is terrorism” talk, but immediately left, because i did not like the way it was presented. I switched to the talk about BT trackersoftware. I don’t and will not use it, but the talk was a good show anyway.
After the evening break i attended the “Crouching Powerpoint, Hidden Trojan” talk. It was about some chinese trojans. What was interesting was how bad the anti-virus products were at detecting quite old only slightly modified trojans and how difficult it is to detect a trojaned machine in the network.
Next was a talk about DNA reverse engineering. I haven’t heard anything about genetics since i left school.
The talk was quite interesting, and i really wonder how many years it will take until there is a genetics programming workshop at a Congress.
Unfortunately the final talk about IPv6 by Jeroen was canceled. So we left for a bar instead.