24C3 – Day Three

I attended the following talks:
– Grundlagen der sicheren Programmierung: okish, but lacked something cool to show off
– Hacking ideologies part 2: most blabla talk of the congress
– Wahlchaos – Paradoxien des deutschen Wahlsystems: nothing really new for me.
– Die Wahrheit und was wirklich passierte: quite interesting insights. The second time this week someone recommends “Freakonomics”
– From Ring Zero to Uid 0: I only attended the first part about Solaris/Sparc and not the part about Windows. quite interesting
– Reverse Engineering Embedded Systems: mentioned some interesting tools, but i missed some more details about toolchain/cross compiling issues.
– Sex 2.0: This was the first talk i attended, that went just totally wrong. The speaker wanted to talk about gay dating communities, but because this is a really special interest topic, he did not mention this in the talk description of the program, but instead just promised insights on “a satisfying sex life”. Of course now the Saal 1 was filled to the last seat. And 99% of the people (all heteros and women) were disappointed when he only talked about gays. Some loudly complained, but the speaker only showed his ignorance. Someone from the audience tried to jump in, but this got even more embarassing. In the end the audience started to clap until the speaker left the stage.
– The day finished with the Hacker Jeopardy. At my last congress 6 years ago, i was very impressed by the mad hacker skillz, but this time it was quite embarassing, when the candidates confused the 8088 with the 80286 and haven’t heard about ~. or “Gödel Escher Bach”. Even fefe seems to be getting old.