Quote of the day

“I think that FreeBSD can best be visualized as a vast desert full of
committers who are totally lost.” Silby on the freebsd-cvs-src Mailinglist


Okay, One week without an entry in my blog. This does not mean nothing has happend, just that I have been to busy with university. Now I am already awaiting the February-holidays.
I am also awaiting the spring. It started to snow again today and I have seen enough grey snow this year.


Three and half years after moving to Vienna I have finally decided to register arved.at. Now I just have to find a good drawing application for MacOS X to modify the logo. It has been on the page since ca. 4 years and was drawn with a Windows Shareware that I can’t find anywhere on the web (and I don’t have Windows anymore…).
arved.de will continue its life as a pointer to my webpage for a while, but the MX records will be removed soon, so update your addressbooks

New rssfetch script

Spent the day with rewriting the rssfetch script.
It now uses XML::RSS::Parser which should be a lot smaller and more liberal than XML::RSS. I also replaced LWP::Simple with LWP::UserAgent, so that I can overwrite the UserAgent string :-).
Additional I tried to reduce hardcoded information, so that I can put it on my homepage one day.
Of course the new version will have bugs, so be patient.

Happy new year!

2004 started today. Last week this blog was nearly unreachable, because all my bandwith was consumed by bounces, because some spammers spammed with my domain as sender address.
Good news: Since today, my Internet is usable again.
Bad news: It looks like the Touchpad of my new iBook is already broken. The pointer often doesn’t follow the moves of my finger