First useful Flash site

Via Kris: The first useful Flash site: Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. Unfortunately the site is already DOS’d by the blogosphere and it is currently unreachable. And unfortunately there are no mirrors. (Probably because it is difficult to mirror flash sites).
I like to listen to the samples of the different styles, and the descriptions are funny, interesting and sometimes just personal and biased. Some of the styles seem to be invented by the author. (Have you ever heard of “Stupid House” ?). I was most astonished by the similarity between 2unlimited’s “Twilight zone”, KLF’s “What time is love” and Faithless’ “Insomnia” all categorized as “Anthem House”.
I was reminded of the time when i listened to music instead of sitting in front of the computer

Voting marathon month

This month I have to vote three times.
On Sunday the local computer club CNGW votes a new board. Recently the Mailinglist exploded as people discussed the clubs appearance on the recent Linux event, which turned into flames about the boards work. Although I haven’t been involved into Linuxwochen, this was the final kick for the decision to decrease my engagement. Hopefully a lot of motivated members show up, that are interested in working on the board.
The FreeBSD project’s Core Team elections are just about to start. Currently candidates are sending in their applications. At the moment most candidates are either members of core.3 or youngsters. Hopefully over the weekend a few more candidates will appear, as there are still empty seats in my dream-core.
And finally the Memebers of the European Parliament will be elected in two weeks. As always in RL-austrian politics the election campaigns are ridiculous, which makes it hard for voters with a brain to chose their favorites.

Open Source as a Counter Movement?

Today I had to do a small presentation about OpenSource for a university course. Slides are online. I did not invest much time, hopefully I will have more time in July for writing the document. But from my impression my presentations was one of the better ones (At least I had slides, I didn’t read everything from paper and I didn’t overrun much). And I really have to bang my head on the desk, when students, who have been studying for at least three years, state in a presentation on the topic “Economy and Internet Regulation” that everyone should buy at No matter how bad the presentations were, I bet 90% of the students will pass the course.
Courses at the IGW are such a waste of time and resources.

Did Wikipedia fail?

Horst is guilty of preventing me from doing university stuff. He wrote a grumpy rant about the shortcomings of Wikipedia.

Horst claims: Wikipedia generates noise, not knowledge. Previous encyclopedias were well-researched and contained precise information that could be trusted to be correct. Wikipedia, on the other hand, contains a large amount of errors, omissions and superfluous trivia.

I wrote several long comments trying to correct his picture of Wikipedia, among others

What happens if there is a bug in your Brockhaus? There is no easy way, you as a reader and maybe expert in one special field can correct it. You have to wait for the next edition before the readers get the fixed version.
What happens if you read a “random hit” from Google and notice a bug? Often it is not easy to find a contact address of the author, and even if there is a contact information, there is no gurantee this bug will ever be fixed.
There is no easy way to tell the world that this information is wrong.
The Wikipedia contributors believe that n+1 eyes find more bugs than n eyes.
I 100% agree with you, that an encylopedia is about trust. To help your decision about the trust of a Wikipedia article, you can also look at the whole history. If a fact has survived more than 100 edits, i would trust it more than one that has been added only recently. (One feature I am still missing in Wikipedia is a “cvs annotate” like functionality)

Another comment from myself, about linking in Wikipedia.

I noticed that the linking inside Wikipedia is a lot better than in the WWW (even better than in Weblogs), so it is very easy to browse from one article to the next one. I think the reason is the well defined naming scheme, which allows linking to articles that don’t exist at the time the article was written

I really should do more research on this topic and write a longer article in the summer holidays.

A very pessimistic follow up from Horst:
The good thing about it — giving everybody who visits the opportunity to share their knowledge — turned into a bad thing because there are just too many people out there who are feeling compelled to share their lack of knowledge.

This could be generalized to apply to the Internet or Publishing. And I really hope that this is not the future.
On the german Wikipedia Mailinglist there is currently a similar discussion on how to ensure the quality.
If you are a wikipedia contributor, I would really like to know, if you can confirm Horst’s claim that the quality of your contributions was decreased by the follow-up edits?
Update 2004-06-03: Horsts article is making a lot of noise in the german Blogosphere. Some articles and comments are interesting to read:

( *Wow*, Although I don’t understand the popularity and the general philosophy behind Schockwellenreiter and IT&W, this is the first time i link to them. The advantage of popular blogs are the many and high quality comments.)

Back from .de

Last weekend I visited Frankfurt. Nice weather, 25�C and i got a sunburn while watching the skyscrapers from the roof of Maintower, the second highest building in Frankfurt. My camera was nearly confiscated when i took a picture of the security checks at Maintower entrance. Luckily I was able to persuade them that I deleted the picture.
So here are two pictures:
Frankfurt City
You can find more and better pictures especially of the skyscrapers on Rob’s site.
Back in Vienna, it is raining again. So the best weather for starting the final part of this term. I will start learning Math immediately after writing this blog entry, so don’t expect much in the next two weeks.