The Dancing KAME

I have setup IPv6 tunnels before, but this time I would like to setup a router using rtadvd and connect all my computers. Unfortunately i have not found a nice Howto yet, but i still have a few hours this weekend to figure it out on my own.
It is always fun to see the dancing kame turtle.
Btw. Lukas, please fix If you are requesting the webpage via ipv6 you get the ZID homepage.

New CDs

On Saturday I went to Mariahilferstrasse to buy CDs. The weather was nice and i got my first sunburn. I watched the Green Parties “street party” and wondered how many votes Monika Vana will cost the Greens in the next Viennese elections and I ran away when Hubsi Kramar interviewed a bad Jörg Haider imitator.
My visit to Saturn was successfull, thanks to the Recommendation list and barcode-CD Players (the first time I saw a working unit, before they were always out of order when i entered a shop) I was able to select 11 CDs for buying. Unfortunately you have to have sharp eyes for UnCDs even when browsing the special offers. I nearly bought a Mousse T. Un-CD for 7 Euros.
I spent today feeding my new CDs into my Minimac:

  • The Dresden Dolls – “The Dresden Dolls”: Nice Cover, and the Sound of the CD is better than the MP3s on the Net.
  • Evanescence – “Fallen”: Teenager Rock for Teenagers like myself.
  • MIA. – “Hieb & Stichfest”: Currently some people on audioscrobbler tried to vote MIA. to M.I.A., ignorants 🙂
  • Vanessa-Mae – “Subject to change”: This one actually should be sold under the Label “Youth”, as it mostly contains nice synthesizer music by youth.
  • Leftfield – “Rhythm and Stealth”: I am loving the fat Bass (although this one is not as good as “Leftism”)
  • Markscheider Kunst – “Na Svyazi”: Russian Ska. Kvaza Kvaza is a very catchy tune.
  • Franz Ferdinand – “Franz Ferdiand”: keeps recomending them, and i can’t say anything againt them. “Take me out” is my favourite.
  • The Glimmers – DJ Kicks: If i had not loved K7 before, they are printing big “No copy Protection” on their CDs. A strong reason to buy K7 CDs.
  • Erlend Øye – “DJ Kicks”: Strange Norwegian DJ, that tries to sing 80s-tunes to Dancefloor music.
  • Russendisko Volume 2: As usual Volume 1 was better, but i will probably find some gems on this cd after i have listened to it more often. Unfortunatly no female voices this time.


PC BSD is a currently hyped BSD-“distro”.
Looking at the project page, it appears to be a one man project. Thanks to osnews distrowatch & Co. the mailinglists are flooded with clueless people.
I doubt that this project will have a long life, libh had several developers, the support of the FreeBSD community and failed.