FreeBSD 6.2

Today i updated my server to 6.2-PRERELEASE, and it went well, even the em(4) card still works.
On my firewall, which i updated last week i am seeing several

 kernel: cannot forward src fe80:0005::0201:6cff:fea1:bb22, dst fe80:0005::0240:63ff:fed3:ea27, nxt 58, rcvif gif0, outif lo0

But it seems to be harmless, as IPv6 works.
I suspect the reason are the temporary changes regarding net.inet6.ip6.auto_linklocal and since i set net.inet6.ip6.auto_linklocal back to 1 they seem to have disappeared.
I will update my last server (this one, the remote server) on Wednesday.
Currently i am planning to move next month, so unfortunately i will not have time for EuroBSDCon this year :-(. So maybe i will put 23C3 onto my timetable instead.

Citybike Wien

Since the weather was nice when i left home for work today, i decided that instead of taking the U6, i would use a Citybike for the first time. They have been around for some time, but I was always too lazy or too much in a hurry to register.
I managed to persuade the Terminal at Alserstrasse, that i need a bike, the bike was usable, and I drove to Schottenring to enter U4. So if it does not rain, i should do this more often, because it does not cost extra time compared to the subway, which goes quite an indirection.
On the Website i can log in and check from where to where i drove in what time (15minutes today). Now it would be nice, if there would be a Terminal near “Wien Mitte”, where i could catch the S7. Until now my only choices are Stubentor (continue via U3 to Wien Mitte) or Schwedenplatz (continue via U4).
For my way back home a terminal near Handelskai would be nice, but I guess that won’t happen in the near future.

uz uz uz…

While reading this “Jugend braucht Bass” rant about kids listening to Music^WNoise via the hands-free speaking system of their mobile phones, i remembered the recent advertizing campaign for a Nokia(?) phone HiFi extension, where a conductor was conducting a mobile phone playing classical music on the crowded Mariahilfer Strasse.
Wrong target group! No one interested in HiFi will listen to music on his mobile phone, but i have a nightmare of teenage kids using a mobile subwoofer extension for their mobile phones.
Ideally the next generation Ghettoblaster is connected via WLAN or a next generation Bluetooth similar to Apple Airtunes.
…Now we just need a cool name, a wearable design and an irresponsible consumer electronics company (Hello Sony :-).

New MT – 3.33

There is a new version of MT out. If you can read this i will commit the port update.
Oh oops..and my HTTPS Cert expired two weeks ago….


My neighbors are moving out of their flat, so there is now the opportunity for me to switch to a larger flat in November.
So there is a lot to do for me the next months.
* Cleanup and Paint the old flat
* paint and furnish the new flat
* Especially the move is a reason to switch to a cheaper/faster ISP. So the next steps are:
– Switch MX for which is currently handled only by my home server.
– Find a slave DNS Server for my domains, since the IP Address of my ADSL line will most likely change.
– Find a new Internet acess product that offers at least the same as my current ISP. (static IP Adress, at least 128kbps upstream, unlimited traffic, i18n(enb├╝ndelt) in the 17. district)
I will expect that i will have not much time for FreeBSD till end of the year, and i hope i can still finish this terms university courses as planned.
..and of course if anybody is interested to move into my old flat (~33m^2, ~330EUR/month) send me an email.

This Blog and IPv6

Unfortunately FreeBSD jails don’t yet support IPv6.
Because I wanted my site to be reachable from IPv6, I previously had a redirect on the AAAA host redirecting to the IPv4 address of the jail.
But now i have finally configured a better solution, using the lighthttpd proxy module.

Snippet from the lighthttpd config:

server.modules              = (
"mod_accesslog" )
server.use-ipv6 ="enable"
server.bind = "2001:6f8:13fb::1"
proxy.server    = ( "" =>
( "localhost" =>
"host" => "",
"port" => 80

BTW, just in case you wondered, in the last year there have been nineteen unique IPv6 addresses from 5 networks (my netblock excluded) in the access.log. Most important one of the Planet FreeBSD aggregators is using IPv6.