MT phishing attempt

Today in my inbox, a new kind of phishing mail:

Movable Type Newsletter
Get the fix for MT's built-in anti-spam plugin.
Check out our post to get the details:

And i thought everyone was using WordPress, s9y etc.

transparent proxy

Finally i setup a transparent proxy on my ADSL line.
It was really easy:

  1. installed the squid port with the WITH_SQUID_PF option
  2. Adapted the default configuration and added the firewall rules according to SquidFAQ
  3. ran squid -z and enable squid in rc.conf
  4. Reload pf and start squid

ESC time again..

Yesterday the Eurovision Songcontest Semifinals were broadcasted.
I was quite surprised that the ORF commentator when introducing the Croatian entry said something like “Dragonfly is not only an OperatingSystem but also the name of the band representing Croatia”. I think this was the first time DragonFlyBSD was mentioned on Austrian Television.

Still alive…

One month without an entry, but i am still alive.
Busy at work and enjoying the presummer.