Screen update

Finally bought my Christmas present, a new screen. Now I finally have 1920×1080 resolution and a dual screen setup with my old (1280×1024). Feels like I just arrived in the 201x-years.

Your existing KVM plan received a complimentary upgrade!

Additional 51G Hardddisk. *yummy* Now what do I do with this?

How to add the new space to my partition table:

# sudo gpart recover vtbd0
# sudo gpart add -t freebsd-ufs vtbd0

The recover part is apparently necessary, because gpart stores important data at the end of the disk, which after the upgrade isn’t the end anymore.

Plans for 2017

  • Continue studying (10+ ECTS)
  • Work: Finish with AWS Competency and release NG firmware version 7.1
  • More Sports: Motivate myself to run more than once every other month
  • Hardware consolidation: Buy a new Screen. Maybe a NAS or a new Desktop and retire and
  • Continue contributing to FreeBSD and Wikipedia.
  • Attend a conference, e.g. EuroBSDcon

2016 roundup

  • Switched jobs; Learned a lot about firewalls (BTN300), AWS and Azure
  • Continued studying (12 ECTS points) and learned a lot about TeX
  • Traveled to Turkey, Germany and Innsbruck
  • Switched the blog to WordPress
  • Migrated my Webserver to a new ISP and upgraded it from FreeBSD 9.3 to 10.3
  • Retired after 12 years of service (It was the first amd64 dedicated to FreeBSD ports work)
  • Wrote 8 Wikipedia articles
  • Finished two books in Turkish. Ustam ve Ben by Elif ┼×afak and En Uzun Gece by Ahmet Altan
  • Lost IPv6 connectity at home, thanks to disabling my tunnel.
  • No hardware upgrade at home. Still using computers from pre-2010
  • Not enough time for OpenSource contributions, especially FreeBSD

KDE4 konsole and UTF-8

If UTF-8 works in xterm but not in Konsole, the solution is to change the default font to “Liberation Mono”

FreeBSD, Why isn’t utf-8 default in 2017?