July update

So I have switched jobs, back to the old one. Not much has changed, even the broken lamb in our office hasn’t been replaced in one year. I have been missing the green view from the office and the more dynamic approach to software development. Now I am missing reasonable timelines, the food and my dockingstation/Dual Screen setup

At home I am still working though with less intensity on my university assignments (have to finish this month).

last.fm wants my $$$

Since i am not living in de/uk/US last.fm wants to force me to subscribe again.
Probably i will spend some minutes on trying to get the last.fm proxy working on my server.
But because most of the users with similar or interesting taste don’t live in the three markets and the music catalogue will probably also focus on the three big markets. I guess last.fm will be boring in the future.
Looking for alternatives now…

My Server is back

About a month ago my root Server died because of hardware faults. Unfortunately it took my hoster some time to fix it, so when the new server was ready, i was on holidays.
But now i finally managed to complete the restore of the backup, and while doing it updating to FreeBSD 7.1, which has been released in the meantime.
So i think now everything should be working again. Now i just have to filter and read all the piled up email….

back online

Today the UPC technicians setup my internet connection. It requires two technicians to plug in the modem and make a phonecall to the UPC HQ. I wonder why there is no selfinstall option. At least this time they did not want to touch one of my PCs.
Afterwards i resetup a the soekris firewall. It was a bit tricky, because there was a display problem on the serial console, so it was a partial blind flight. And i forgot a couple of things, so it took longer than expected.
Things not to forget next time:

  • /boot/loader.conf: console=comconsole
  • /etc/ttys: enable ttyd0
  • /etc/rc.conf: Add network configuration for sis0 and enable ssh