mutt tuning

I have been annoyed for a long time, that I had to adjust my From: address manually. Today I took the time to google, and found the command I needed to add to my .muttrc, set reverse_name. This automatically sets my From: address if i reply to someone. I had to replace my_hdr From: with set hostname to make this work. So far it seems to work.
Now if i could tell mutt to display a slrn-like folder overview window, mutt would be my only MUA.
Another note: Don’t put auto_view text/plain into your .muttrc or you will not be able to read normal emails because mutt will tell you that “text/plain is not supported”.

5 thoughts on “mutt tuning”

  1. 1. see these macros:
    macro compose 1 “f^uAndreas Krennmair \n”
    macro compose 2 “f^uAndreas Krennmair \n”
    2. mutt -y

  2. You know that I have a “Preview” Button, right? So i guess this is only a lame attempt to move up in the comment poster charts.
    I am not sure what these macros are good for, but the -y switch is a good starting point, I will try to tune that tomorrow, it currently complains about “no incoming mailboxes defined”.

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