New 802.11g IOS for Cisco AP1200 Accesspoints available?

On Thurday Release Notes for IOS 12.2(13)JA appeared on the Cisco Website. It looks like this release finally includes support for 802.11g.
Interesting information from the Release Notes:

  • Disable Radios to Prevent Unexpected Reboot When Upgrading System Software
  • Some non-Cisco Aironet 802.11g client devices require a firmware upgrade before they can associate to the 802.11g radio in the access point

Unfortunately it isn’t available from the Download Center yet. Additional AFAIK 802.11g needs new antennas which aren’t available in Austria yet. So it will take some time until the tuwien WLAN supports 802.11g.

One thought on “New 802.11g IOS for Cisco AP1200 Accesspoints available?”

  1. Okay, two days ago Cisco made anotherPress Release about when they will be deploying 802.11g. (“shipping this month”).
    Since there is some money left in our budget, we will order another dozen Accesspoints.

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