Booting FreeBSD on minisforum pc

Installed FreeBSD security updates on On reboot the kernel hang.

kernel.old also hang. Downgrade to 13.2 also hang.

Tried disabling hardware components via device.hints.

First suspected the keyboard, as atkbd printed the last line, but finally found out, that uart needs to be disabled


Music stats 2023

My Top Artists 2023 according to

  1. Calogero
  2. Pinhani
  3. Shohruhxon
  4. Fletwood Mac
  5. Mariah Carey
  6. Michael Jackson
  7. Hande Yener
  8. Django Reinhardt
  9. Heart
  10. Bahamadia

Looks like I am getting old. Most of  the artists had their peak in the last millenium.

Top Tracks

  1.  Azzamchik – Blatata (2023)
  2. Ismael Lo – Tajabone (1990)
  3. Michelle Gurevich – Here’s the Part (2020)
  4. Ana Coman – Run (2020)
  5. Aylin Aslım – İçtim İctim (2009)
  6. Ed Alleyne-Johnson – Oxford Suite Part 1 (1992)
  7. Feyyaz Yığıt – Samsun’lu Değilim (2013)
  8. Heart – Wild Child (1990)
  9. Loboda – Ne Nuzhna (2017)
  10. Martin L. Gore – In a Manner of Speaking (1989)

wireguard debugging

Playing around with wireguard at the moment. Terminology is a bit confusing.

  • Q: You can see the incoming “Handshake Initiation” packets on the server, but the server does not respond?
    • A: Check again that the server hat the correct pubkey configured for the client
  • Q: You have multiple peers configured but only one works?
    • A: In AllowedIPs every client needs to be on its own subnet, e.g. a /32
  • Q: Your clients can’t communicate with each other?
    • A: IP forwarding needs to be enabled


Updating unifi to debian bullseye

With version 7.5 unifi finally supports openjdk17 which means it is about time to update the vm to bullseye. Of course the mongodb dependency is still horribily outdated. Luckily old mongodb  debs for buster are still available at

The unifi deb required < 5.0. 4.4 reported that it is too new for the database and 4.2 failed to migrate the database so I had to start again.

  • Download a backup of the config before upgrading.
  • After the upgrade wipe /var/lib/unifi/db
  • Create a dummy account like described here:
  • Login and restore the backup.

Using the PC rooms of Vienna University for writing a LaTeX document

So I tried to use the PC rooms of my university for less distraction.

Bad idea, I was distracted by the broken setup.

First problem: no git installed and it is prohibited to install software. Workaround: Luckily there is still an SSH access to where git is installed.

Second problem: On there is only pdflatex installed. Unfortunately my document requires xelatex or lualatex. Workaround: Use the TeXWorks GUI which has xelatex and lualatex available.

Third Problem: I haven’t been able to get biber working with my document. No workaround available, so back to working on my laptop.

Potential Workarounds that did not work:

  • SSH from the windows PC to my Laptop on the WLAN. Unfortunately this seems to be prohibited by the Network administrator
  • Using the external Display on my Laptop. Unfortunately there is no HDMI cable, so a HDMI cable should be come part of my emergency cable pack.

…to be continued.

Music stats 2022

Not many new discoveries in 2022. Due to the holiday in Paris there has been more French in the list

  1. Bluba LU – Tonight
  2. Milena – Istinata
  3. Nadiya – Tired of being sorry
  4. P.I.F. Kambanite
  5. Vitaa & Slimane – Je te le donne

New Hardware 2021

So I am finally running FreeBSD again on a Laptop.

The HW probe can be found here:

Notable obstacles:

DRM: I have to run the 5.7-wip branch and add my pciid. (

WLAN: There is no driver for the integrated wlan. After some help from dch@ I have now got an EDIMAX rtwm USB dongle which needs the following patch: