The blog is back

After updating some ports suddently nothing worked…

  1. Caddy + Letsencrypt.
    Caddy again changed the syntax of the caddyfile without providing proper documentation or proper error messages

    I finally managed to get TLS working again but then struggled with PHP. So in the end I decided to switch to nginx/certbot.
    Let’s see how reliable this works. Most likely I broke certificate renewal for dovecot but this is less critical

  2. WordPress is a PITA
    • The sqlite integration does not support PHP 8, so I downgraded to PHP7.4.
    • WordPress again removed the old default theme, and the new default theme looks worse than the old one.
    • I couldn’t post, so I tried Tools->Site Health. Well this page uses deprecated functions that have been removed in php 7.0. So no site health for me.
    • The default editor isn’t able to save posts, and categories are also broken. (Install the classic editor to fix it)
    • Permalinks are broken. This could be a side effect of the migration to nginx. Will fix later

Pulseaudio/Bluetooth Automatically switch profile

My BT Headset connects with A2DP profile per default which is fine for listening to music. But for video calls we need a mic.

Of course you can switch the bluetooth profile manually within pavucontrol, but even better is modifying /etc/pulse/ by adding auto_switch=2 to the line

load-module module-bluetooth-policy auto_switch=2

Restart pulseaudio with pulseaudio -k

End of the year stats

So here are my stats for 2020:


  1. Kim Chi Kat – You Think You Love Me
  2. Aylin Aslım – Senin Gibi
  3. Chi-li – Ангел на моём плече
  4. Stefan Valdobrev – Тази песен не е за любов
  5. Röya – Yaz Ayları
  6. Polina Gagarina – Спектакль окончен
  7. Edyta Geppbert – Spiewam Życie/Aide Jano
  8. Hande Yener – Biri Var
  9. Lili Ivanova – Za tebe biah
  10. Markscheider Kunst – Мумия


  1. чи-ли
  2. Count Basic
  3. Hande Yener
  4. Marietta fafuti
  5. Nalyssa Green
  6. Aylin Aslım
  7. Jennifer Rush
  8. Hara
  9. Markscheider Kunst
  10. Ostava

KDE taskbar grouping not showing list

After a recent KDE upgrade, the taskbar grouping did not work anymore. Instead of e.g. a list of open files in gvim i had to click multiple times on the entry in the taskbar to cycle through the list of windows.

I couldn’t find the solution on google (most likely because I use the wrong terms to describe this feature) so here is a blog post to help people like me.

The solution: Right click -> Task Manager Settings -> Behaviour -> Clicking grouped Task -> Shows textual list.

Profanity IM cheat sheet

profanity IM is a nice XMPP client for the console.

Here is a list of commands, I can’t remember:

To answer a “authorization request” use

/sub allow user@jabber.service

This is article will be updated in case I have to lookup for another command….

UPC IPv6 prefix delegation and FreeBSD

Don’t believe the Connect-Box that you only get a /64 from UPC. Normal prefix delegation is possible, you just have to guess/experiment how big your prefix is. Here is my dhcp6c.conf

interface vr0 {
    send ia-pd 1;
    send ia-na 1;
#     send rapid-commit;

id-assoc na 1 {

id-assoc pd 1 {
 prefix ::/56 1800;

 prefix-interface vr1 {
   sla-len 4;

My rtadvd.conf:


Some excerpts from my rc.conf:


UPC/Magenta Fritzbox and IPv6 Prefix Delegation

I have started with the network migration today. There is now a fritzbox between the UPC ConnectBox and my router. For IPv4 this now means triple NAT \o/.

One of the most important task was to make my FreeBSD routers SSH port accessible from the internet.

What I have tried:

  • Wireguard: The FreeBSD go package uses SSE2 which results in an illegal hardware instruction. :-S
  • Reverse SSH: Yes it works. But I want something better.
  • IPv6: Following steps were necessary to get it working:
    • Disable the IPv6 Firewall on the ConnectBox
    • Enable IPv6 support on the Fritzbox
    • Disable “DHCPv6 Rapid Commit” on the Fritzbox.
    • Enable IA_PD and IA_NA on the LAN side of the Fritzbox
    • Configure my router as “Ipv6 Exposed Host” on the Fritzbox

Now what I have to think about: Do I trust the Fritzbox enough as a firewall?

Summer update

It is been 5 months since I last updated the blog.

So far no ECTS points for last term, due to some family problems. But the term started again, this time course on ottoman Palaeography.

Spent a great but expensive holiday in Greece.

Some payed traveling in September to Ireland, Croatia and Germany, year with the most flight miles since 2010. Due to some unfortunate events will be travel to Germany again next week.

While during summer I did lots of cycling to work. Unfortunately in September I got lazy again.

May Update

Noticed today that it has been 11 months since I returned to my current workplace. That means I have been back for longer than I had been away. Makes you think…

Apart from that busy in the hamster wheel. Some activities I should blog about elsewhere.

Just fixed a ‘502 Bad Gateway’ error on my blog. Seems to be php-fm isn’t as stable as expected. If this occurs again I will have to investigate further.

April Update

If you read this, I have switched my webserver from lighttpd, which I have been using for more than 8 years to caddy. Reasons: Built in Letsencrypt support. No longer dealing with spurious failures of the acme client. Config file looks really readable. Lets see how the memory footprint will develop. Also was updated to 10.4. There are still some maintaince tasks like switch from lighttpd’s spawncgi to php-fpm. But for now it seams I have working config.