congress or not congress?

I am considering not to visit Berlin and the 20C3. The organization seems to be even more chaotic, and no interesting talks.
I could as well visit my girlfriends family in Salzburg….

Merry Christmas

The usual Christmas ceremony: Chrismas tree admiring, tea drinking and cookies eating, unpacking gifts.
Later, when my family went to church, I read a book from one of my parcels, “Russiandisco” by Wladimir Kaminer. The book contains short stories about russian immigrants in Berlin and contains a CD with strange Russian Popmusic (lots of brass sounds). Some of the Stories are quite funny.
After that the russian music inspired me to hack a bit on the RSS script and now I am cathing up with my blog.

I can’t commit

All Computers that have one of my SSH Keys on their disk are shut down.
My fingers are itching, but I can’t work for FreeBSD on Christmas.

Bounce floods

While I wrote the last blog entry, I noticed that my blog wasn’t running smooth.
The load on huckfinn was up to 60!!! My Maillog scrolled too fast to read. I spent an hour on trying to blacklist the most busy hosts, but it didn’t reduce the load.
Now I have changed my Firewall rules for a whitelist system. So if you want to email me and you are not using univie/tuwien/FreeBSD MXes, don’t use the address. After Chrismas I have to fix this, by either switching to a different domain or further improvement of my firewall rules.
Spam and Viruses suck 🙁