Using the PC rooms of Vienna University for writing a LaTeX document

So I tried to use the PC rooms of my university for less distraction.

Bad idea, I was distracted by the broken setup.

First problem: no git installed and it is prohibited to install software. Workaround: Luckily there is still an SSH access to where git is installed.

Second problem: On there is only pdflatex installed. Unfortunately my document requires xelatex or lualatex. Workaround: Use the TeXWorks GUI which has xelatex and lualatex available.

Third Problem: I haven’t been able to get biber working with my document. No workaround available, so back to working on my laptop.

Potential Workarounds that did not work:

  • SSH from the windows PC to my Laptop on the WLAN. Unfortunately this seems to be prohibited by the Network administrator
  • Using the external Display on my Laptop. Unfortunately there is no HDMI cable, so a HDMI cable should be come part of my emergency cable pack.

…to be continued.