Hot summer

Yesterday evening in Soccer Worldcup Sweden played against England and T&T played against Paraguay. Sweden vs. England was quite interesting as the Swedes were finally able to score again.
In FreeBSD land yesterday evening was also interesting, as it was the last day to stand up as a candidate for the upcoming Core team election. Unfortunately unlike two years ago, this time several members of the old team decided not to run again, so there are now realistic chances for at least 5 new faces.
But what surprised me, although there are now more committers than two years ago, when 23 candidates tried to get a seat, this time on the last day only 13 committers had declared their intentions to step into the big shoes of the current team.
While watching the the first half of the soccer match, i frequently checked with w(1) on the election server if someone runs the “stand up” command.
Unfortunately it seems like everyone except David was watching the soccer match. 14 candidates are still not enough because if only few candidates decide to withdraw their statements (which happend in the past), we could stop this voting game before it starts. I am hoping that we will get a good core team supported by the majority of developers and not a core team “because we found nobody else for the job”.
During the second half i wrote a quick statement and after the match i fired “stand up” myself. Although i have been a committer for four years and made more than 2000 commits to the ports tree, i guess most src and doc committers have no idea who i am.
Next time i should try to get a src/doc bit first before getting into the heat…

FIFA worldcup in ASCII

is very addicting.
Especially while learning for boring exams.
I wonder who translates the subtitles. Very funny haha.
“Drei minutes still. Counter over ancestor”
“Jetzt comes Trezeguet! Zidane must of the place, perhaps the all-last mark!”
“Die fear is located to the Frenchmen in the face written! still 2 minutes”
“Freistoss of sixteen-strain!!”
“Ahn shoots completly bad beside the housing”

telnet 2006

Scanner update

Today i decided, that i will most likely never use my old SCSI Scanner again, because my Desktop machines don’t have SCSI anymore, so i bought a USB Scanner.
If anybody out there can still use a Mustek 6000SP, write me an email.