Too many RSS feeds

I just added jule’s RSS feed. I noticed that the RSS column is a lot larger than the articles. (That’s why I am writing this entry :-). I reduces the displayed Headlines, but that didn’t change much. I need to think about something else.
Tomorrow starts my 7. term at university so I spent my day preparing my schedule, checking news on university homepages etc.
The other remarkable event today was, that I paniced a Project machine for the first time. While testing KDE on FreeBSD/ia64 suddently didn’t answer. Luckily Marcel Moolenaar was already awake and rebooted it after only a short downtime.

Being a tourist guide in vienna

Last week i didn’t wrote any new entries, because I spent most of the time being a tourist guide for my sister and her boyfriend who are visiting Vienna at the Moment. At the moment they are visiting Schoenbrunn alone, so I have some time to update my diary, read emails etc.
Yesterday we ascended Kahlenberg, were you have a nice view over Vienna. Unfortunately the weather was a bit hazy. The evening we spent at a viennese “Heuriger”.
On Saturday we attended the “Lange Nacht der Museen” were you could visit as many Museums as you like until 1.00 am. The Highlight was the MAK – Museum for Applied Arts with an Exhibition of Helmuth Gsoellpointner (strange austrian name). Really impressive Styropor and steel objects.

Keysigning madness

Today I started to process the results of the N7Y Keysigning party.
Before, i did a gpg –refresh-keys which ended in the following result:

gpg: Total number processed: 830
gpg:       skipped new keys: 1
gpg:              unchanged: 537
gpg:           new user IDs: 29
gpg:            new subkeys: 1
gpg:         new signatures: 20095

My CD of the month

Yesterday I visited the local Virgin and bought some new CDs. My recommendation
is Quixotic from Martina Topley-Bird.
Martina was the female voice on Tricky’s “Maxinquaye” album. Quixotic is more mainstream but nearly as good as Maxinquaye. My favorite songs are “Anything” and “Too Tough To Die”.


I spent my holidays last week on Baltrum, a small island in the North Sea. It belongs to the East Frisian islands. Reaching it by train is a long journey, since the trains in East Frisia are slow and stopping at every milk can. From Norden you have to take the bus to Nessmersiel were you enter the ferry.
Weather was beautiful, the Beach broad, and the North Sea surf was inviting. Maybe I will make some photos available later.
You can eat excellent fish everywhere, but unfortunately most restaurants are closing at 21.00, so it is not easy to get something to eat at night. I can recommend Café Kluntje.


Finally I am back in Vienna. A detailed summary about my holidays will follow
later. Of course my Mail Partition overflowed, most of the 2000 Emails were bounces from the latest MS-Worms.