June update

My presentation at the university went well, despite my prof finding lots of errors in the handout ( and me finding even more after the course…).

So now on to write the article. I am at 6 pages, 10 to go. There is still quite some time but yeah these months will continue being busy

New books for university arrived, the Tezkires of Ahdi, Beyani and Kınalızade. I wonder what I will do with these books after this course :).

Plans for the upcoming week include reducing my books and computer stuff to prepare for an eventually upcoming move.

In other news, last week I spent a few days in Mondsee with my daughter on a farm. Unfortunately I was a bit ill, so I went to bet at the same time she went, no studying in the evening. But we had good weather and relaxing days.

Bustraveling in Turkey

I recently traveled a week in Turkey by bus. Here are my experiences:
Metro: Traveld Kapıkule/Edirne-Istanbul, Kapıkule/Edirne-Bursa. Sales Office Experience: . At the Metro Haskovo Counter they speak understandable Turkish and are also very friendly. At the Edirne Counter (Metro Volkan) personal was very stressed and unfriendly. Avoid travelling to or from Edirne with Metro anyway, the bus stops somewhere on the highway, if it stops (In my case it didn’t which resulted in some adventourus hitchhiking to Haskovo).
Ulusoy: Traveled Bursa-Ankara. Sales Office Bursa was friendly, but the Conductor was not very friendly and threw his garbage out into the nature. Ulusoy uses its own otogar in Ankara, which is not really convenient.
Kamil Koc: Traveled Ankara-Canakkale. Not the fastes but the most luxurious bus with personal TV stations and a big plus for the head phones.
Canakkale Truva/Soma Seyahat: Traveled Canakkale-Edirne: Unprofessional counter personal. Suicidal driver. I am lucky i survived.

Off to .de

Tomorrow i will travel to Germany, First visiting my family and after that a few days traveling around. But i have not yet planned which places i will visit.
I will be without regular net access for 10 or 12 days.