Haven’t blogged for some time. University holidays started, so i am now busy at work. I think most of my exams went ok.
Last weekend we went shopping. As usual i bought some CDs. Not as usual we went to Leiner were i discovered the waterbeds departement.
Wow! Once in my life i need to buy one of these (although not one of those at Leiner, because they looked ugly).

Online Banking

I have a bank account in Austria at BAWAG.
When i logged into the Online Banking today, i was confronted with the following message:

Wir empfehlen Ihnen die TANs (Transaktionsnummer) fortlaufend und aufsteigend zu verwenden. Die ersten 2 Stellen der 7-stelligen TAN stellen die fortlaufende Nummer dar.

Now i wonder, why it is necessary for my security to use my transaction numbers in a row.
Can anybody explain?

KDE 3.5

KDE 3.5 is in ports and i have updated my Desktop last week. After a few days i must say i am a bit disappointed. I still have not discovered a really cool feature, and there have been several regressions:
* Kopete: If i launch kopete it popups up a dialog which tells me that my local contact list is not in-sync with the severs list. It presents me a list of ICQ UINs. The only way to find out who these mysterious UINs are is to use the search interface of another ICQ Client.
* Kopete: If i try to remove a contact from the list, it crashes, see Bug 120160
* Kopete: Going Online now requires to hangle through three menus instead of two. Why isn’t there a simple “Connect..” Button like in all other ICQ clients
* Panel: The new Mouseover animations are pretty useless
* Konsole: As usual every KDE update messes around with the fonts. Unfortunately the Settings->Font dialog has been modified, so it is not possible to select the default font.
* Kweatherapplet: The font is now too large, the ° sign is hidden under the image
* Kmail: Check what the server supports dialog is still broken (Bug Bug 102875 )
* Kate: The Kate Terminal does not use the Konsole default.
* ktts: Does this actually work? The GUI is unusable.
* to be continued….

1 year Last.fm subscriber

Yesterday i noticed that my Last.fm subscription expired. The banner advertising reappeared. I immediately renewed my subscription, although i don’t listen to the radio station that often since i switched jobs.
Of course at the moment they are offline, but most of the time it has been working fine. (And since the last update the last.fm player even works in the tuwien Internetrooms.)

blogging break…

Three weeks without a blog entry. That is quite a record for this blog.
Busy times. I went to Germany on Christmas and back. I was ill again after that, so no big end-of-the-year party for me.
Now i am busy at work, i should be busy at university and i spend my freetime reading the books i got for christmas (Currently the new Terry Pratchett, “Thud”) and listening to new cds i bought in Hamburg.