Nearly Gone

Just came back from eating Kebap at Vienna’s most famous turkish restaurant Kent.
I will leave for .de in around 7 hours. So don’t expect something to read before Monday evening.

Syndication, Bloggers favorite toy II

Yesterday I discovered XML::RAI. RAI stands for “RSS Abstraction Interface”. It greatly simplifies my rssfetch script.
I also discovered the Atom2RSS converter, which is very useful for blogs that only offer Atom feeds and RSSreaders that don’t support Atom. Of course I am planning to support Atom in my RSS script and/or add an Atom feed to my blog, but this requires more time to read more about the Atom spec.

Syndication, Bloggers favorite toy

I should do university stuff, as my time will be limited next week, because my parents are visiting Vienna from Monday to Friday.
But i spent a few hours on the next version of rssfetch. It now works with the latest XML::RSS::Parser. The main drawback, it currently does not parse the FreeBSD feed, because the feed is broken, will hopefully be resolved soon as I submitted PR 67042.
Additional Josef just told me that hrs is reworking the feed generation, as he wants add a feed for Security Advisories to the FreeBSD Blog^WWebsite.

If you can read this…

If you can read this, the blog was successfully migrated to another server running apache 2.0.
Yeah, it looks like you can. I think I have fixed everything, but if you find a broken link, please report.
The upgrading took of course longer than planned, Although the apache config of 2.0 is similar to 1.3, the default configuration changed in some subtle ways, e.g. the automatic display of README files does not work anymore per default and the php4-Module does not automatical register the .php extension.
And although this website is only the blog, it already requires a dozen perl modules installed and several ugly php scripts with absolute paths etc.


If you are one of those companies that keep spamming my blog, you might want to consider clement’s idea :-):

12:11 <@sheepkill> FreeBSD newsflash: donates v1agr@ to FreeBSD Fundation

My Blogroll page and rssfetch 0.3.0

The reorganisation was successfull. I have now a seperate page for my Blogroll. Since this page required to have two lists of Feeds, german and english, I had to adapt my rssfetch again to use a configfile. Now the script requires p5-Config-Simple (which is really simple enough for my non-existing perl hacking-skills). 0.3 is the first version that does not require editing the source to add another feed.


New Blog Feature: “Most commented Entries” from Scriptygoddess. This is something I always wanted, because now the most popular entries are listed on the index page. Unfortunately the sidebar is now too bloated for my ADSL line. I am currently trying to move my Blogroll to a seperate page.


Today the KDE Mailinglist Ids changed. I learned that there is an RFC about List-Ids, RFC2919, and that it discourages changes of the List-Id:

Although the list identifier MAY be changed by the mailing list administrator this is not desirable.