small world

Vienna has over a million inhabitants plus tourists. I guess, that i only know at max 0.2% of its population by name. When i moved here from a small town, where everyone knew everyone, i guessed, that it would be quite unlikely to meet someone i know accidently at a neutral place and that i could travel around in the city easy without being recognized.
But i regulary bump into someone on the subway, which is most of the time a pleasant surprise to me. Yesterday it was my former flatmate Raed, which i had lost contact several years ago.
So if you see me somewhere in the city nose-picking or doing other silly things, just say hello to surprise me :-).

Mac OS 10.4.10 and Macbook problems

Since i upgraded to 10.4.10, my MacBook has frequently problems with its net connectivity via WLAN. It looks like the atheros driver gets stuck. Sometimes it helps putting the macbok to sleep and reawake it, but at least two times, it refused to wake up and popped up a kernel crash dialog on reboot.
So stay away for a while if you have not upgraded yet…

today’s favorite login message

Jun 12 20:59:34 knut dovecot: Time just moved backwards by 150 seconds. This might cause a lot of problems, so I'll just kill myself now.

It happend on boot, most likely ntpdate was run a bit late…
Now of course it would have been more cooler if it just restarted itself….

Linuxwochen 07

I am just online via the Wireless Network at Linuxwochen Wien, the local Linux promotion event.
Unfortunately it looks like a lot less people are attending than the years before, maybe 50 are attending the talks.
I am attending the last two talks, the nagios one was very basic and short, and now a talk about linux embedded systems. The talk suffered from a crashing Mac OS X but the speaker managed to get it back working without stopping to talk.