Yesterday my ADSL modem was delivered, and it worked out of the box. Now i have to wait for the painters who decided to delay their work to Decemter 27 instead of tomorrow. Then i can finally start migrating my services to the new IP range.
Since yesterday it was announced that Telekom Austria is buying Etel it was a good idea to switch my ISP to Unfortunately the new telefon line, which should start working on January 2 will be operated by Etel, so it looks like I will become a Telekom Austria customer for the first time in my life.

FM Radio in Vienna

While Googling for DVB-T (which recently started in Vienna) i found also this list of FM stations which broadcast around Vienna. Of course most are only available with special antennas.
When i was a teenager i sometimes liked to listen to obscure radio stations. My highlights at that time were “BFBS” (only on good weather conditions i could receive their Bremen FM signal) and Atlantic 252 a Music station on LW.
But when i moved to Austria there was FM4, so not much need for different stations. When Blumenau or Hermes are violating my ears i usually either switch to Orange 94.0 or NRJ.
Now i wonder what other stations are worth listening too. I know Fun Radio on 94.3 has sometimes good music (Yeah i should really learn a bit slovakian…) but i have no idea about the Czech or Hungarian stations that i should be able to receive without too much trouble. Any recommendations?

WLAN keys in the Apple keychain

Recently i had to change my WLAN key. Since then my Apple laptop refused to automatically joined the network, although the key was saved in the keychain.
Today i found the cause. If a network with the same SSID but a different key is already saved in the System keychain, Apple stores the key in the users keychain without prompting to replace the existing key in the system chain. And it looks like the system keychain has higher priority so it always tried to join with the old key. Argh.