My new mobile phone

I have my new mobile phone, a Samsung SGH-j700 now since about a month. Time to write something about it.
Case: looks like cheap plastic but survived a few crashes from the table to the floor. I like the tiny mirror next to the camera lens. Finally i can correct my makeup while travelling :-).
Software: Stable. I have not had a single crash until now. But the usability sucks a bit. One needs to click through a lot of menus to do simple things. The shortcuts aren’t as usable as on my old Motorola.
Syncing: Not supported by iSync, so no way to sync the Organizer and Contacts. File exchange possible via Bluetooth, or via the microSD card.
Headset: Has way too big earplugs. Unfortunately i have not found one with smaller earplugs.
But all in all i like like it.