The blog is back

After updating some ports suddently nothing worked…

  1. Caddy + Letsencrypt.
    Caddy again changed the syntax of the caddyfile without providing proper documentation or proper error messages

    I finally managed to get TLS working again but then struggled with PHP. So in the end I decided to switch to nginx/certbot.
    Let’s see how reliable this works. Most likely I broke certificate renewal for dovecot but this is less critical

  2. WordPress is a PITA
    • The sqlite integration does not support PHP 8, so I downgraded to PHP7.4.
    • WordPress again removed the old default theme, and the new default theme looks worse than the old one.
    • I couldn’t post, so I tried Tools->Site Health. Well this page uses deprecated functions that have been removed in php 7.0. So no site health for me.
    • The default editor isn’t able to save posts, and categories are also broken. (Install the classic editor to fix it)
    • Permalinks are broken. This could be a side effect of the migration to nginx. Will fix later