Favorite Advertisement of this month

Although I don’t really like Milka choclate, i like this poster.
What i noticed about advertisements in Austria is that a lot of spots try to tell the people how specially austrian the advertised product is, e.g. Kraft Food is an international food company, but they don’t protect all mountain pastures (I admit i looked up this word on dict.leo.org), they especially protect the _austrian_ mountain pastures.

They want you …

I just noticed i haven’t written about this. I am going to quit my job at TU Vienna end of next month.
So we are currently looking for my successor. In case you want a boring bureaucratical 20h/week job, send me your application 🙂
You should have basic english knowledge, good TCP/IP, Ethernet and WLAN knowledge and you should not be afraid of Ciscos :-). It helps if you are familiar with common Operating Systems (like Linux, Solaris, Windows or Mac OS X) and if you are able to do some script language programming like Perl, Python or something else.
An air-conditioned office at TU Vienna, at Karlsplatz right in the center of Vienna is awaiting you. Your Desktop has Dualscreen and excellent Internet connection (100Mbps). You can install any OS you like on it, as long as it has Ethernet/TCP/IP support and a Serial Port.
(Wow, this sounds so attractive I am tempted to apply myself 🙂

New book on IPv6

I bought “IPv6 Network Administration” by dwmalone and Niall Richard Murphy. I have read the first 50 pages and so far the money was well spent. I am impressed, it doesn’t consist of overlong boring protocol descriptions and RFC printouts and is not yet outdated.

Fat & Lazy

Around ten years ago i had to switch my Levis 501 size from 30W/34L to 31W/34L. This month i had to switch to 32W/34. If i continue getting fat at that rate, i will be quadratic before my 50. birthday :).
So i decided to do more sports this summer. Yesterday i made a bicycle tour to the Exelberg (516m) in the Viennese Woods. A nice tour for motorbikes but a hellride for an untrained bicycler like myself. But i managed to stay on the saddle until i reached the top.

New branch

Not long ago, CURRENT switched to 6.0, last week the RELENG_6 branch was created, so CURRENT is now 7.0.

mchammer# uname -a
FreeBSD mchammer.arved.de 7.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT #20: Thu Jul 14 16:35:57 CEST 2005     arved@mchammer.arved.de:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/MCHAMMER  amd64

Asus sux

Today i tried to put another soundcard into my Desktop machine, because i wanted to test Arif Abdullah’s sound patches.
The Mainboard an “Asus K8V-Deluxe EAY” has a VIA AC97 Soundcodec and i added a Creative CT4810. After booting only the Creative card was detected.
Removing the Creative Card, the VIA card is detected again.
It looks like Asus automatically disables the onboardsound in case there is another soundcard plugged in.