Trusting PGP..

After a thread on freebsd-security@ PGP seems to be en vogue again. (Hm, there hasn’t been an official key signing at EuroBSDCon this year..*sigh* But i had forgotten my keyprintouts anyway).
I noticed that my that my key is slightly out of date, so i removed my ex-jobs non-working emailaddress and added my new one. I noticed that this year i only gained one signature (which was actually a leftover from 2004), so i have fallen down to over 600+ in the keyanalyzereports.
So if anybody visiting Vienna this year (or Bad Segeberg over X-Mas) is interested, please speak up 🙂

Apache 2.2

Yesterday I updated to Apache 2.2. Unfortunately additional to adjusting the config file clement changed the default data directory, so I had to adjust all absolute paths. A lot of stuff on this site is still broken, the transition from 1.3 to 2.0 was a lot easier. And i am tempted to rollback and install the backup.


If you would actually read this blog, you would notice, that it rarely happens that i will write more than one blog entry per day. It is not necessary to fetch my Feed every minute.
So please consider increasing the fetch-interval to at least 30 minutes, or I must consider blocking you. - - [05/Dec/2005:15:09:41 +0100] "GET /weblog/index.rdf HTTP/1.1"200 20036 "-" "Akregator/1.2; librss/remnants" - - [05/Dec/2005:15:10:41 +0100] "GET /weblog/index.rdf HTTP/1.1"200 20036 "-" "Akregator/1.2; librss/remnants" - - [05/Dec/2005:15:11:41 +0100] "GET /weblog/index.rdf HTTP/1.1"200 20036 "-" "Akregator/1.2; librss/remnants"

New Firewall

Ryan McBride gave an impressing presentation about building a redundant Firewall with PF and CARP using two Soekris boxes at EuroBSDcon.
I had to buy a Soekris box immediately and today I put it into production replacing my old EPIA based Firewall.
This went well, all i had to do was replacing the vr-interfaces of the EPIA with the sis interfaces of the Soekis in /etc/pf.conf.
I have not played around with CARP and PFSYNC yet, because all Howtos and Manpages are based on an OpenBSD configuration (yes even the FreeBSD manpages), so they are a bit difficult to read.
My main problem is, that my Firewall also terminates my IPv6 tunnel, and i am not sure i can use the gif interface as a carp interface. I probably have to ask for help on freebsd-pf.
But first i have to finish my work for this terms university courses…..

Creative Vista Webcam

I wrote before, that i wanted a webcam, that is supported by BSD.
A few weeks ago i bought a Creative Vista without checking if it was supported by FreeBSD, because it was really cheap (IIRC ca. 16 EUR).
Today I finally tried to get it working. It is supported by the graphics/spcaview port.
Here is one of the first pictures:
Yes the quality is quite bad, but what would you expect from a cheap camera.
Checkout this page for a recent page.