On Friday evening i wanted to shut down all computers in my flat, because i was tired and wanted to sleep.
Unfortunately due to a nameserver misconfiguration i ended on the wrong host and shut down this server.
So this server was down until Monday morning, when it was powered on again.
First action after it coming up again, i moved the shutdown binary out of my path, so that this error does not happen again…


I missed my committers-day last week. I am now a committer since three years. In my first year i made around 1000 committs, in my second year 600 something and now i am down to 300 something.
Blames go to working fulltime for a few months and being too lazy to switch on my FreeBSD desktop and use the Minimac instead and not running FreeBSD on my Computer at work.
I really hope i will be able to increase my commit rate next year….

Testing Live CDs

Yesterday arthur downloaded the Zeta live CD, as it was advertised on the german Teleshopping channels.
I tried BeOS previously, and Zeta isn’t very different. There is still not enough Software and there are still some stability issues. And there are still some drivers missing (especially Graphic cards), but we were suprised that the Intel Centrino chipset is supported out of the box.
Oh, and shipping an OS without a C-Compiler is just lame. So I am not sure why anybody should pay $$$ for this OS.
Today i downloaded FreesBIE and it was quite a nice expierience as it feels quite different than my normal FreeBSD/KDE desktop. My hardware was detected and the XFCE Deskop has some nice applets. The only thing confusing me a bit was that i had to select my keyboard layout two times, I guess first for the console and second for X.
And I wonder why they installed putty and didn’t install any games.

Prepared for the bird flu

Today my “e-card”, the new austrian health insurance smartcard, finally arrived. Since beginning of this month it replaces the old health insurance certificates.
Wiener GKK, my health insurance managed to send the card to an old address, where i have been living 6 years ago. I have switched my employer two times since then, so they should have an uptodate address.

Scaring of tourists

*grr* When i tried to go to work this morning, ÖBB decided to cancel the 9.25 S7 from Wien-Mitte because of construction works somewhere else (Florisdorf?).
But why can’t they just tell the potential passengers. There was zero announcement neither via the display nor via the speakers.
Especially the tourists that wanted to leave via the Airport were very confused and had to switch to the expensive CAT train or take a taxi.
I decided not to wait 30 minutes for the next S7 to arrive at 9:55 and went to university instead. sucks

* Because the postmen refuse to carry parcels (nothing heavy or voluminous just books or cds from amazon) to the customers. Instead, if they have a package to deliver, they just write a note to the addresse, that they were unable to deliver it, and that the addressee should fetch it from the next post office. They don’t even try to put the parcel into the post box, or ring at my door to test if i’m at home.
* Sometimes they don’t even write a note and send the parcel back to the sender.
* At my next post office there is only one employee that receives and passes out parcels for half of the district, so i have to wait at least 10minutes for my parcel.


I nearly forgot registering for EuroBSDCon, yesterday was the last day of the early-bird discount.
I still need to book a Hotel today, probably Hotel Europe.

One year on

Just noticed that i have been using for one year now. I played ca. 6800 tracks, around 18 tracks a day.
I am still waiting for an Audioscrobblerplugin for my HiFi-CD Player and there is still not enough of my favorite music on, so the local mp3 collection is still not obsolete.