Plans for 2017

  • Continue studying (10+ ECTS)
  • Work: Finish with AWS Competency and release NG firmware version 7.1
  • More Sports: Motivate myself to run more than once every other month
  • Hardware consolidation: Buy a new Screen. Maybe a NAS or a new Desktop and retire and
  • Continue contributing to FreeBSD and Wikipedia.
  • Attend a conference, e.g. EuroBSDcon

2016 roundup

  • Switched jobs; Learned a lot about firewalls (BTN300), AWS and Azure
  • Continued studying (12 ECTS points) and learned a lot about TeX
  • Traveled to Turkey, Germany and Innsbruck
  • Switched the blog to WordPress
  • Migrated my Webserver to a new ISP and upgraded it from FreeBSD 9.3 to 10.3
  • Retired after 12 years of service (It was the first amd64 dedicated to FreeBSD ports work)
  • Wrote 8 Wikipedia articles
  • Finished two books in Turkish. Ustam ve Ben by Elif Şafak and En Uzun Gece by Ahmet Altan
  • Lost IPv6 connectity at home, thanks to disabling my tunnel.
  • No hardware upgrade at home. Still using computers from pre-2010
  • Not enough time for OpenSource contributions, especially FreeBSD

New Era

Recently i have been pretty busy, because i have moved to a new flat. I don’t have an Internet connection yet, so it will be a few weeks until i will fully reappear on the net.
The new flat is more central, so i will spend a lot less time on public transport.

0,00 EUR

I received a letter from my Ex-ISP and wondered what they want from me. It contained an invoice over three nearly empty pages and the total amount of 0,00 EUR.
In the last years i received invoices with a few Eurocents a few times from various Telcos, but this is the alltime lowest. I wonder if they will send me a similar letter every month and i really wonder what will happen on “21. Mrz 2007” (sic!) as the invoice threatens me that they will debit this amount from my bank account.

Random thoughts

– I want one of those new black/red shirts, the Billa clerks are wearing nowadays. They look like a political statement about our new government, black shirts with a small red stripe.
– I felt like a Starmaniac today, when i nearly ran into Arabella Kiesbauer, while she was talking to her mobile on Wiedener Hauptstrasse.
– It is kind of funny seeing everyone in .at freaking out because of a 100km/h wind.
– I moved the last stuff out of my old appartment. So this means we are approximately 50% done with moving. Now i am waiting for my new carpet so i can finalize my computerroom’s content.

Top Ten Shell Commands

A nice meme, seen here. But it is a bit difficult for me, because i tend to have dedicated machines for different tasks, so here are two examples from two environments of mine:
My Laptop:

 125 ssh
45 cd
41 sudo
33 telnet
27 ifconfig
26 ping
21 ls
14 svn
13 host
13 grep

My Workstation:

118 cd
68 make
64 svn
43 ls
40 vi
23 ssh
18 gvim
16 gcc
15 grep
11 su


I am back from my vacation. Nice Weather, Water 18°C and lots of sand on the beach.
I will post pictures later.
I am now catching up, read most of the several thousand emails (or at least marked most of them as read esp. the Lipstick thread :-), now appling the latest bind and openssl security patches.
Other items on the TODO list: kaffeine and graphting ports need updating, finance minister wants taxes and my university tuition fees.