So many PRs, so little time

As i felt too tired for cycling or doing anything else,
i spent today with wading through the GNATS database. After the ports freeze there are a lot of low hanging fruits to increase my commit count.
BTW, this is the first picture from my mobilephonecam.
I have not yet tried FreeBSD bluetooth support, this image was synced to my Mac.
If i remember that i now always carry a cam with me when i see something interesting, there will be now more images on this blog.

mobilephone enabled

I have been living happily without a mobile phone for around 4 years. Now my employer provided me with one and i no longer belong to the elitist minority, that can only be reached via IRC/ICQ/Email.
My new phone is a Motorola L6. It is my first bluetooth device, so now it is about time to buy a bluetooth dongle for one of my computers.


Nice weather (20°C and clouds), so i spent again 4 hours on my bike.
The tour today was: Home -> Handelskai -> Ölhafen Lobau -> Kraftwerk Freudenau -> Friedhof der Namenlosen -> Schwechat -> Donaukanal -> Home.

Bicyclists in Vienna

The Viennese people don’t understand the concept of bicycles. This starts with the city planners planning cycle tracks that suddendly end in the Nirvana and ends with the few people that actually use a bicycle but don’t understand that you have to switch on lights if you cycle at night.
Today i started my bicycle tour at 19:00 so after an hour it was dark while i was still cycling through the 21. district. On my way back home i counted the people with correct lights and those with no light at all.
And the ones without light were the majority. Luckily they saw me (because i had lights) otherwise i would have crashed into at least two of them.
After this expierience I will try to avoid cycling after sunset in the future.