New Hardware 2021

So I am finally running FreeBSD again on a Laptop.

The HW probe can be found here:

Notable obstacles:

DRM: I have to run the 5.7-wip branch and add my pciid. (

WLAN: There is no driver for the integrated wlan. After some help from dch@ I have now got an EDIMAX rtwm USB dongle which needs the following patch:

Bike stat 2021

According to bikecitizen App I have done 1077.4km in 2021 and spend 2 days and 19 hours in the saddle.

Heatmap Vienna 2021

I track everyday tours when it is not raining. So additional, there are a few recreational tours I tracked with Strava, which unfortunately does not provide any yearly stats in the free tier.

2021 stats


  1. Imany
  2. Evridiki
  3. Anna Netrebko
  4. Amy MacDonald
  5. Franz Schubert
  6. Pyotr Ilich Tchaykovsky
  7. Таралеща
  8. Element of Crime
  9. Röya
  10. Giacomo Puccini


  1. Evridiki – Ziliaris Ouranos
  2. Era Rusi – Me Zemer Te Bardhe
  3. Dim Zach – Discomare Sex
  4. iio – At the End
  5. Romane – Ciao Bella
  6. Tuğba Yurt – Yol Arkadaşım
  7. Anna Coman – Run
  8. Imany – You will never know
  9. OneRepublic – Run

Side note: Classical Music is still not tagged consequently on Spotify, so thats why three classical composers are in my Top 10 artists.