FreeBSD 6.2

Today i updated my server to 6.2-PRERELEASE, and it went well, even the em(4) card still works.
On my firewall, which i updated last week i am seeing several

 kernel: cannot forward src fe80:0005::0201:6cff:fea1:bb22, dst fe80:0005::0240:63ff:fed3:ea27, nxt 58, rcvif gif0, outif lo0

But it seems to be harmless, as IPv6 works.
I suspect the reason are the temporary changes regarding net.inet6.ip6.auto_linklocal and since i set net.inet6.ip6.auto_linklocal back to 1 they seem to have disappeared.
I will update my last server (this one, the remote server) on Wednesday.
Currently i am planning to move next month, so unfortunately i will not have time for EuroBSDCon this year :-(. So maybe i will put 23C3 onto my timetable instead.

Citybike Wien

Since the weather was nice when i left home for work today, i decided that instead of taking the U6, i would use a Citybike for the first time. They have been around for some time, but I was always too lazy or too much in a hurry to register.
I managed to persuade the Terminal at Alserstrasse, that i need a bike, the bike was usable, and I drove to Schottenring to enter U4. So if it does not rain, i should do this more often, because it does not cost extra time compared to the subway, which goes quite an indirection.
On the Website i can log in and check from where to where i drove in what time (15minutes today). Now it would be nice, if there would be a Terminal near “Wien Mitte”, where i could catch the S7. Until now my only choices are Stubentor (continue via U3 to Wien Mitte) or Schwedenplatz (continue via U4).
For my way back home a terminal near Handelskai would be nice, but I guess that won’t happen in the near future.

uz uz uz…

While reading this “Jugend braucht Bass” rant about kids listening to Music^WNoise via the hands-free speaking system of their mobile phones, i remembered the recent advertizing campaign for a Nokia(?) phone HiFi extension, where a conductor was conducting a mobile phone playing classical music on the crowded Mariahilfer Strasse.
Wrong target group! No one interested in HiFi will listen to music on his mobile phone, but i have a nightmare of teenage kids using a mobile subwoofer extension for their mobile phones.
Ideally the next generation Ghettoblaster is connected via WLAN or a next generation Bluetooth similar to Apple Airtunes.
…Now we just need a cool name, a wearable design and an irresponsible consumer electronics company (Hello Sony :-).


My neighbors are moving out of their flat, so there is now the opportunity for me to switch to a larger flat in November.
So there is a lot to do for me the next months.
* Cleanup and Paint the old flat
* paint and furnish the new flat
* Especially the move is a reason to switch to a cheaper/faster ISP. So the next steps are:
– Switch MX for which is currently handled only by my home server.
– Find a slave DNS Server for my domains, since the IP Address of my ADSL line will most likely change.
– Find a new Internet acess product that offers at least the same as my current ISP. (static IP Adress, at least 128kbps upstream, unlimited traffic, i18n(enb├╝ndelt) in the 17. district)
I will expect that i will have not much time for FreeBSD till end of the year, and i hope i can still finish this terms university courses as planned.
..and of course if anybody is interested to move into my old flat (~33m^2, ~330EUR/month) send me an email.

This Blog and IPv6

Unfortunately FreeBSD jails don’t yet support IPv6.
Because I wanted my site to be reachable from IPv6, I previously had a redirect on the AAAA host redirecting to the IPv4 address of the jail.
But now i have finally configured a better solution, using the lighthttpd proxy module.

Snippet from the lighthttpd config:

server.modules              = (
"mod_accesslog" )
server.use-ipv6 ="enable"
server.bind = "2001:6f8:13fb::1"
proxy.server    = ( "" =>
( "localhost" =>
"host" => "",
"port" => 80

BTW, just in case you wondered, in the last year there have been nineteen unique IPv6 addresses from 5 networks (my netblock excluded) in the access.log. Most important one of the Planet FreeBSD aggregators is using IPv6.