Top Ten Shell Commands

A nice meme, seen here. But it is a bit difficult for me, because i tend to have dedicated machines for different tasks, so here are two examples from two environments of mine:
My Laptop:

 125 ssh
45 cd
41 sudo
33 telnet
27 ifconfig
26 ping
21 ls
14 svn
13 host
13 grep

My Workstation:

118 cd
68 make
64 svn
43 ls
40 vi
23 ssh
18 gvim
16 gcc
15 grep
11 su

test entry

Another test entry. MT now running at 3.32. Will commit port update after this post appears.
Only one port update left from my vacation….


I am back from my vacation. Nice Weather, Water 18°C and lots of sand on the beach.
I will post pictures later.
I am now catching up, read most of the several thousand emails (or at least marked most of them as read esp. the Lipstick thread :-), now appling the latest bind and openssl security patches.
Other items on the TODO list: kaffeine and graphting ports need updating, finance minister wants taxes and my university tuition fees.

holidays 06

From Tuesday I will be away, without Netconnectivity etc. I hope the Internet will survive without me for two weeks. This year i will be travelling to Amrum. I hope the weather will not be too cold.
Of course just on my last days at home my hosting company claimed they could not find my last payment and threaten me to shutdown the server. Hopefully i can resolve this till Thursday. Another last minute problem, some unknown person (Maybe Apple, see last posting?) tried to send me two parcels with ups and of course i missed the delivery service.
There has been a MovableType update, which fixes several bugs, but since the last update did not behave well, i will wait with the update until i am back.