strigi ports looking for testers

Today i have made experimental ports of strigi and strigiapplet. If you like to try them, take a look at this page.
I have also started working on upgrading QT4 to 4.3.3.
Now for really working on KDE4 i should really think about getting at least a new hardddisk or even better a new machine.
But first of all i have to master this terms university exams….

FreeBSD around the world

Today i got an email about one of my FreeBSD ports, help2man. Usually this means the person emailing me, is using a system with a 4.x base system perl 5.0 together with a more recent perl version from ports.
What was unusal about this email, the sender mailed from an ISP in Tanzania, Arusha Node Marie. This is really cool, that FreeBSD is running on some system in such a remote area.

Guten Rutsch ins Jahr 1984 – 24C3 Day Four

I am back home and by now have recovered from 24C3.
On the last day I attended the following talks:
– GPLv3 – Praktische Auswirkungen
– Smartcard protocol sniffing:
– Ruby on Rails Security
After that i spend some time in the lobby recharging my laptop, and preparing for the way home. For the first time in several years i have taken the night train and arrived in Vienna on 31 at around 9ish.
I liked this congress better than the last time i was in Berlin 6 years ago. So i plan to attend the next one in December 2008.
Today i updated my last 6.x system to 7.0, the remote server. Recompiling the ports in all 4 jails is still in progress, so the system will be a bit slow on the weekend.