New firewall.

Today i shut down the last computer in my old flat. I have been using for approximately 6 years and now i have to get used to new IP Addresses :(.
With all my computers in the new flat, it is time for a firewall. Since i now have more than one official IP address i decided to try a combination of if_bridge(4) and PF.
The bridge seems to work fine, but PF sometimes drops TCP packets, it should not drop. Yes even if pf.conf did contain only pass rules. Now i am updating to latest stable hoping for a fix.
Another problem i am struggling, nat from the third interface to bridge0 did not work out ot the box.

Random thoughts

– I want one of those new black/red shirts, the Billa clerks are wearing nowadays. They look like a political statement about our new government, black shirts with a small red stripe.
– I felt like a Starmaniac today, when i nearly ran into Arabella Kiesbauer, while she was talking to her mobile on Wiedener Hauptstrasse.
– It is kind of funny seeing everyone in .at freaking out because of a 100km/h wind.
– I moved the last stuff out of my old appartment. So this means we are approximately 50% done with moving. Now i am waiting for my new carpet so i can finalize my computerroom’s content.

Relocation (non-)progress

Unfortunately inode delayed the activation of my telephone number for a week without explanation, from their shop’s progress tracker it looks like they didn’t receive a report from the TA technician and/or forgot to send a notification to Etel.
So i had a couple of spare time today reserved for configuring the telephone system.
I spent the time moving my shell- and secondary DNS/Mailserver to the new flat, which is next to moving the firewall the most difficult part of the transition.