Things Apple should fix soon…

Umlaut handling of HFS+ filenames is broken. I have several files on my UFS partition, that i can’t copy to my HFS+ because the filename contains Umlauts, cp bails out with “Invalid argument”.
What is even more surprising, Finder gives up on displaying these files too, one file is displayed with ?? and the others are invisible.

BAWAG ebanking

The news are full with information about the latest BAWAG affair. Yesterday evening i needed to pay a bill, but BAWAG Ebanking was down. Today 12 hours later it is working again, but very
Looks like everybody is looking after the money on their bank accounts :-).

Notebook operational again

The new Harddisk is more than twice as large and makes a bit more noise.
Friday till Sunday was spent with reinstalling and copying the backup data. I have learnt several things, e.g. the difference between and or how to disable the useless Spotlight feature (the root of all the sudden slowliness).
I have left 10G empty, if someone finally ports ADB-Keyboard support to FreeBSD, i am installing FreeBSD on the last partition.
Other news, last week university started, and i really missed my notebook, while trying to get used to my new timetable..