Looking for a new hoster

My old hoster decided to move all his servers to XEN. Since FreeBSD XEN Support isn’t really there yet, this means i need to look for a new hoster.
So i am checking out the FreeBSD-rootserver offers in the 20 – 40EUR/month range. I am quite sure, i don’t want to play with depenguinator, so a real FreeBSD system is the preferred solution.
I currently know about euserv.de and mainlink.de. Anything else?
My current system runs 4 jails handling my email and a few lowtraffic sites. It currently has 256MB RAM which is a bit low, so preferably the new system should have 512MB.

My new mobile phone

I have my new mobile phone, a Samsung SGH-j700 now since about a month. Time to write something about it.
Case: looks like cheap plastic but survived a few crashes from the table to the floor. I like the tiny mirror next to the camera lens. Finally i can correct my makeup while travelling :-).
Software: Stable. I have not had a single crash until now. But the usability sucks a bit. One needs to click through a lot of menus to do simple things. The shortcuts aren’t as usable as on my old Motorola.
Syncing: Not supported by iSync, so no way to sync the Organizer and Contacts. File exchange possible via Bluetooth, or via the microSD card.
Headset: Has way too big earplugs. Unfortunately i have not found one with smaller earplugs.
But all in all i like like it.

New FreeBSD Desktop

After nearly 4 years i thought it was time to buy a new FreeBSD desktop.
Last week I bought a Shuttle XPC, with an Intel G31/ICH7 Chipset, a Core 2 Duo E8200, 2×2,66Ghz. It is faster than mchammer, my previous desktop and a lot quieter.
I named it dilek, a beautiful name which means something like desire.
Since last weekend was a party weekend it took me until this weekend to finally finish the installation.
Because it is not possible to disable the BIOS Boot sector protection, you may want to run boot0cfg -o noupdate
The ACPI implementation is buggy, so unless you like console message everyfew seconds, you have to run with debug.acpi.disabled="thermal"
The X installation was a bit problematic, as i had to add the device ids to the agp kernel driver and had to install the git version of the xorg intel driver. But now it is running smooth.
I am now installing KDE4 on it. With the new desktop i now have enough CPU power to help porting KDE4. Now i just need some more free time…